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Pédagogie Explicite - Direct Instruction
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Direct Instruction Methodology

McGraw-Hill, SRA

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What Is Direct Instruction?


Direct Instruction is an explicit, intensive instructional method that allows students of all abilities to become confident, capable learners. For nearly 50 years, Direct Instruction has empowered teachers to deliver consistently high levels of student achievement.

SRA/McGraw-Hill’s Direct Instruction programs use common instructional planning and consistent classroom routines to boost student skill mastery in reading, spelling, language arts, and mathematics. The programs provide concrete, clear curricula that have been highly successful in a wide variety of instructional settings nationwide.

The system’s highly interactive, research-proven methods help students from diverse backgrounds acquire the skills needed for academic success.

Direct Instruction goes far beyond memorization to:
• Emphasize priority concepts critical for student success
• Move from basic skills to integrated, sophisticated skills
• Develop learning strategies and their application in new situations
• Help you make a measurable difference in classroom achievement
• Create successful, confident learners!


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