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The researchED Guide to Explicit & Direct Instruction
An evidence-informed guide for teachers

Edited by Adam Boxer

The researchED series (Series Editor: Tom Bennett), John Catt Publication, 09.2019
147 p.

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researchED is an educator-led organisation with the goal of bridging the gap between research and practice. This accessible and punchy sériés, overseen by founder Tom Bennett, tackles the most important topics in éducation, with a range of experienced contributors exploring the latest evidence and research and how it can apply in a variety of classroom settings.

In this édition, Adam Boxer examines Siegfried Engelmann's programme of Direct Instruction and the more expansive programme of explicit instruction that it spawned. With contributions from writers including Kris Boulton; Greg Ashman; Gethyn Jones; Tom Needham; Lia Martin; Amy Coombe; Naveen Rivzi; John Blake; Sarah Barker; Hannah Stoten; and Sarah Cullen.

Adam Boxer is head of science at an academy in North London.
Tom Bennett is the founder of researchED.

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